Introversion and combating in opposition to Will?


Okay so I am on a examine overseas journey. I am in a bunch of about 5 individuals. I always discover myself annoyed insofar as I am not capable of be as social as I feel I must be.

I do not know if that is an indicator of Will or not, however I am torn between feeling like I HAVE to be social whereas each intuition in my physique robotically inclines me to need privateness.

What makes me suppose it is associated to what might be referred to as my Will is the truth that it occurs with out what I “need” but it surely appears to be an extension and expression of who I actually am. I do not suppose I am lower out to be THAT social and that frustrates me.

Does this make sense? Is that this even Thelema associated? I really feel confused and annoyed and I really feel like I am combating in opposition to a waterfall.


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Coping with fictional gods…


I have never ever accomplished this via my years of training Wicca however I believed it’s an fascinating concept. As I primarily have labored with merely the god and goddess and by no means given a reputation to them personally, I began to suppose is it completely a ridiculous thought that you might use names of gods created for fictional worlds. As all names for gods have been thought and given to by folks by people. So is it a silly thought that in Wicca we may use these names created for books, television exhibits and video games? What do folks suppose? I do not know if I completely can be snug doing this in my observe however it’s an fascinating thought.


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Spells to impact habit


My brother (nearly 17) continues to be dwelling with my mom and has made my, and the entire household’s life a dwelling hell for four years. He spent, collectively, 2 years in rehab and received out September of final 12 months. Ever since he is gotten worse and worse along with his habit. For some time it is solely been weed, which we have all accepted he isn’t going to cease. I would quite him smoke weed then different shit.

However lately, he hasn’t had the cash to purchase weed. He isn’t really placing the trouble in to get a job so he simply mooches it off different folks, or steals from me and my mother, and strangers. If he sees the cash, he takes it. However we have cracked down and now he is huffing fuel.

The quantity of instances he is nearly died and continues to drag his shit is disgusting to me. He is extremely disrespectful, disappearing for days at a time, solely calling to try to manipulate my heartbroken mother to get cash.

I am on the lookout for some kind of magick power or spell to have the ability to thwart or cease his habit, or at the very least his horrible habits. I would quite him be smoking and doing medicine however at the very least present as much as faculty and are available residence when my mother wants him to.

I perceive I can not bind him from medicine, even earlier than I had it pressed into me binding is not to be taken frivolously. He’d completely discover a method round it or it could be deadly that he cannot get his arms on medicine.

Is there any kind of spell or ritual I can do to cease his habits and habit, to an extent? I’ve carried out a number of shit for him, and it is actually shitty that he is nonetheless behaving this manner. I actually could not give to shits if he does spend each evening smoking his mind cells to demise, it is my mother I am fearful about.


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Query I am positive you get repeatedly, however might somebody give me slightly introduction on what precisely what Wicca is?


I am naive, and I apologize. I’ve at all times been excited about Wicca, and I’ve examine 100 pages of “Wicca, a Information for the Solitary Practitioner,” however I am nonetheless reasonably confused. Forgive my ignorance, however do Wiccan’s consider the solar and the moon are actually the God and Goddess, or that they’re merely symbols for them? And despite the fact that I learn a number of the e book I am nonetheless confused on what precisely Wicca is, so any and all data could be appreciated. Thanks all a lot!


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