Who owns Thelema?


There are a lot of organizations that declare adherence to Thelema. Due to the character of the philosophy/faith/ideology/___, interpretations of the corpus are wide-ranging. Does Thelema want consolidation of interpretation? In that case, who decides? The most important group (OTO)? The one most concordant with Crowley’s teachings (which is that?) The one most aligned with the spirit of the New Aeon? Is it a bunch determination? Is a Thelemite merely somebody who calls him/herself one? (Observe that in BotL it’s written: “Who calls us Thelemites will do no unsuitable…” — by no means does it say WE name OURSELVES Thelemites)

Crowley writes in Soldier & Hunchback:

>I’m not so silly as to assume that my doctrine can ever acquire the ear of the world. I anticipate that ten centuries therefore the “nominal Crowleians” can be as pestilent and quite a few a physique because the “nominal Christians” are to-day; for (at current) I’ve been capable of devise no mechanism for excluding them. Somewhat, maybe, ought to I search to seek out them a distinct segment within the shrine, simply as Hinduism supplies alike for these able to the Upanishads and people whose intelligence hardly reaches to the Tantras. In brief, one should abandon the fact of faith for a sham, in order that the faith could also be common sufficient for these few who’re able to its actuality to nestle to its breast, and nurse their nature on its starry milk. However we anticipate!

Who’re the “nominal Crowleians”? What does it actually imply to be a Thelemite?


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