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My brother (nearly 17) continues to be dwelling with my mom and has made my, and the entire household’s life a dwelling hell for four years. He spent, collectively, 2 years in rehab and received out September of final 12 months. Ever since he is gotten worse and worse along with his habit. For some time it is solely been weed, which we have all accepted he isn’t going to cease. I would quite him smoke weed then different shit.

However lately, he hasn’t had the cash to purchase weed. He isn’t really placing the trouble in to get a job so he simply mooches it off different folks, or steals from me and my mother, and strangers. If he sees the cash, he takes it. However we have cracked down and now he is huffing fuel.

The quantity of instances he is nearly died and continues to drag his shit is disgusting to me. He is extremely disrespectful, disappearing for days at a time, solely calling to try to manipulate my heartbroken mother to get cash.

I am on the lookout for some kind of magick power or spell to have the ability to thwart or cease his habit, or at the very least his horrible habits. I would quite him be smoking and doing medicine however at the very least present as much as faculty and are available residence when my mother wants him to.

I perceive I can not bind him from medicine, even earlier than I had it pressed into me binding is not to be taken frivolously. He’d completely discover a method round it or it could be deadly that he cannot get his arms on medicine.

Is there any kind of spell or ritual I can do to cease his habits and habit, to an extent? I’ve carried out a number of shit for him, and it is actually shitty that he is nonetheless behaving this manner. I actually could not give to shits if he does spend each evening smoking his mind cells to demise, it is my mother I am fearful about.


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  1. You can’t fix somebody who doesn’t want to be fixed. I’m sorry, addiction is really hard to deal with. I hope for the best in this situation–it took my parents a long time and a lot of hard falls, but they eventually got clean. I hope the same happens for your brother.

  2. > For a while it’s only been weed

    > The amount of times he’s almost died

    But seriously, if there were a simple solution to addiction, magical or otherwise, life would be a whole lot easier for many, many people. Sadly there isn’t.
    I’m a bit perturbed that he’s been an addict since he was 12 (if your maths is right). Frankly that doesn’t speak well of the family environment. Maybe that’s where some work could be done. I don’t think an attitude of “I really couldn’t give to shits if he does spend every night smoking his brain cells to death, it’s my mom I’m worried about. ” is helping him much. A general spell for love and understanding within the family could be in order.

  3. Not to be “that guy”, but “effect”ing something generally means to make it happen – effect legislation, effect action, etc. You’re looking for “affect”, “to have impact on”.

    Just in case you write your spells down, something to be careful with.

  4. I think a better spell would be one to help your mom see the situation with open eyes and courage, rather than to try and force something on your brother who had resisted all help. I like to work magic in the kitchen, so I might say a spell over some honey that she could put in her tea every morning, to give her strength and light. Something small like that, but small things over a long period of time build up.

    I also might light a candle every night for a minute or two for a shithead of a brother like that, because he’s walking down a dark path. You might also consider something with mirrors, to help him see what he’s really like–but I suspect he’s an addict because he already knows and understands the true reality, but doesn’t want to face it. That’s why spells like that aren’t recommended unless you’re VERY careful, because it’s a fifty-fifty shot (in my experience) that you’ll just make it worse.

    I’m also a person who thinks every magic act is inextricably linked with the divine–so prayer and petition might not be a bad idea. (Be ready for the answer to be no, though–and consider ahead of time what you’d be willing to sacrifice or do in exchange for that sort of help. Commit to nothing without understanding its impact on you, and remember that you can’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.)

    Lots of hugs. You’re going through a helluva rough time. Take some time for yourself, too.

  5. No amount of magic you do right now will help him. No matter your intent. He’s been to rehab, he knows what he’s doing. At this point, I’m sorry to say, it appears, based on your words, he is so far gone into his addiction that perhaps the only thing that will free him is complete rehabilitation or Death.

    Prayer that he can find some way to heal, or have the spirits reveal to him his harsh truth and how bad he’s hurting you is all you can do, and even in that it’s unlikely he will change unless he desires to do so

  6. Call the police next time he steals. He hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. Once he hits it he’ll either bounce back and recover or just splat.

  7. Protect yourself. Cast a pentagram in salt around your living space to keep the evil away that is following him. Place decoy smoke-ables like bunches of dried sage in the kitchen area (it wouldn’t harm for him to receive some blessings). You may consider writing a diary to help you reflect and remember what you would like your life to be about.

    Wishing you lots of strength

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