Practitioners in Asia/Japan?


I have been residing in Japan for some time now and whereas I’ve practised a bit since I got here, I miss having a group close to me, even when only for dialog or sharing shops and outlets (discovering supplies has been a problem). It will be nice to attach with others residing even remotely shut/in the identical space of the world.

Anybody know of any communities (on-line is okay!) for these practising in Japan or Asia typically? I understand there most likely is not a lot if something however figured it would not damage to ask.


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5 thoughts on “Practitioners in Asia/Japan?”

  1. I’m out in Jakarta for a three month stint, and I’ve found little to nothing out here to get excited about. But then this country has weird laws which claim that polytheism doesn’t exist, but they will support any sort of monotheism. From what I’ve read the polytheists here get round it with some sort of ‘all the Gods are one God’ pretense, but if so they do so quietly enough that I’ve not been able to find them.
    Many years ago – early ’90s – I spent some time in Hong Kong and there was much more of interest there. Whether that’s changed since I do not know.

  2. I’m from Japan but no longer live there. Outside of US military communities you aren’t going to find much. Even so, it’s can be hard to get onto a military base as a civilian.

  3. I haven’t heard of anything unfortunately, but my husband and I take a trip every year or so to the Chiba area. We were looking to branch out next time we visit. May I ask in what city you’re located? What do you think of it there?

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