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  1. Since this is in the Wicca subreddit, my suggestions will be based on Wicca.

    This is a good altar. If you want to make it an even better altar, add the following:

    * An Altar cloth. This will help a lot with wax, which you’ll encounter a lot more.
    * A tool for each element: wand, pentacle, athame, cup
    * A representation of each element: incense brazier/burner, candle, salt dish, water bowl
    * Deity representation is on fleek. Think about acquiring complementary deity representation for the God.
    * Antlers. Trust me.
    * Cauldron. Trust me.
    * fire-proof tile or plate.

    You get all that and you’ll still have the feel you love so much right now but a LOT more, and you’ll love that too.

    Blessed Be.

  2. It’s probably just me, but I really love candlesticks and some pillar candles. I use them for the Goddess and God candles, which ‘sets them apart’ or gives them, in my opinion, a ‘special’ feel. Then I use basic candles for the elemental candles and ‘spirit’ candle.

    The only reason I make the suggestion is I associate Hestia with fire a lot. So, maybe the taller candles would burn in a way that makes her shine a little more.

    Then again, I often think I sound crazy, so there’s that… but I do really like your setup! 😀

  3. For Wicca we need to have specific tools. They don’t have to be fancy, they can even be things you find around the house.

    An Athame or ritual dagger, there are small and large ones ranging in prices. You can also use letter openers or anything with a double edged blade. Representing fire or air depending on your Tradition and is used to direct and cut energy in a very commanding way. Used for casting circle and calling the watchtowers

    A cup or chalice used to hold ritual wine for cakes and wine, also used to represent the Goddess in the Great Rite, the God being the athame
    It is a representation on water

    A wand the representation of air or fire depending on your Tradition , it also moves energy and directs it thought in a more gentler way. Used to ask the God and Goddess to witness your rites .

    Altar penticle or altar paten , a representation of earth, used as a focus and also to bring together the elements of your altar, also used to charge candles and stones and used to help contain any workings.

    A bell represents air can be used to mark the opening or closing of a circle or the releasing of my workings.

    A candle to represent fire, incense for air, salt bowl for earth, water bowl for water, and a white or silver candle for Goddess on the left and a gold, or green candles for God . Red for Goddess and Green for God are also used by some.

    All these things are used in the rituals and workings of Wicca. Wicca is about what we do and not about what we believe per say. We don’t tell you how to believe in the God and Goddess , bit how to worship and honor them and the elements that guard the watchers .

    I think your off to a good start for something that speaks to you, just maybe slowly add in the working tools of Wicca.

  4. As a fellow beginner, I would only add two things for functional purposes mostly – an alter cloth to protect the table and a glass dish to catch ashes from sage/wax/etc.

    That.wand is.beautiful.

  5. If nothing else, cover your table. Goto Wal-Mart or target and get a table cloth and some plates for teacups. These don’t need to be permanent, you just want to protect your tabletop from wax, ash, incense resins, and other sundries that can stick or burn or both.

    When it comes time to buy ritual specific tools I always default to Etsy and Soma Luna. Start with Soma Luna though. They have a lot if stuff available and their pricing is decent enough.

  6. Is that your first ever wand?

    They traditionally don’t have crystals on them and are made of wood. Not to say you can’t! They are used to gently direct/lead energy in your workings, or when working with entities that are averse to metal (the Fae, for example).

    One recommendation I can make is to try your hand at using a wooden wand without crystals on. You could even use a small branch and make it yourself! I suggest this because quite a few people find that crystals interfere with the intended purpose of directing of energies, since they too are emitting their own energies. Give it a try and see how it works for you! You may even like using them for different situations (your crystal wand looks like it was made for esbats!).

  7. (Involved in Hellenic Polytheism)

    Hestia is our beloved hearth and home Goddess and She needs to be honored in a specific way. Her character was not left at the door when you decided to worship Her. She is honored first and last before household sacrifices and in nearly all prayers and rites.

    The Theoi also, generally, don’t like when mortals perform magic and certainly not “with” Them. If someone claims that, it’s like they’ve hit a rogue God or Spirit impersonating that God/dess or they’re focusing on the neo-Wiccan God/dess Who are all Gods in one and can do whatever.

    Do not neo-Wiccanize/Paganize the Gods and water Them down. They don’t like it.

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