Introversion and combating in opposition to Will?


Okay so I am on a examine overseas journey. I am in a bunch of about 5 individuals. I always discover myself annoyed insofar as I am not capable of be as social as I feel I must be.

I do not know if that is an indicator of Will or not, however I am torn between feeling like I HAVE to be social whereas each intuition in my physique robotically inclines me to need privateness.

What makes me suppose it is associated to what might be referred to as my Will is the truth that it occurs with out what I “need” but it surely appears to be an extension and expression of who I actually am. I do not suppose I am lower out to be THAT social and that frustrates me.

Does this make sense? Is that this even Thelema associated? I really feel confused and annoyed and I really feel like I am combating in opposition to a waterfall.


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