Find out how to use the Qabalah


Lots of people are having bother with this, understandably, it is taken me a very long time to determine it out myself.

Principally, all this intellectualized data of rote memorization turns into nothing extra however a mental-masturbatory mental train of reminiscence UNLESS we start TO SEE all of those CONNECTIONS, flowing freely, one into the other- interchangeably.

So it have to be our effort, not merely to memorize a bunch of shit for the sake of memorizing shit, however TO SEE how every ENERGETIC REALITY flows freely one into the opposite, and to- As Magicians- FACILITATE CONNECTIONS between anybody factor and one other, UNDER WILL.

That is no easy matter, it requires a behemoth effort, as monstrous as THE WILL which carries it. It requires SIGHT. That’s, this stuff MUST BE SEEN as ENERGETIC REALITY, and YOU MUST SEE this stuff transfer, this manner and that.

Qabalah has gotten a nasty rap, understandably. I invite you all to think about approaching it from this view-point, versus merely intellectualizing it. FACILITATE THESE CONNECTIONS, from one image flowing freely into one other, SEE IT… and Qabalah will turn out to be a precious area for investigating The Accomplishment of The Nice Work, and Past! Till there is no such thing as a additional one can go. Unto No-thing-ness approaching No-thing-ness, and even additional ranges of No-thing-ness

Now, please get pleasure from this behemoth invokation of THE LIGHT, till IT RAINS UPON YOU AND DEVOURS YOU COMPLETELY, BECOMING!!!!! AND NOTHNG ELSE REMAINS!!!!:

I Carry The Mild, THERE IS NO GOD



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