Experiences with Maat Magick


I not too long ago was given a replica of Nema’s Maat Magick and am actually resonating with lots of it. Having learn by the Principle part, and doing a little bit of analysis on its place in Thelemic historical past, I’ve a primary understanding of it and am searching for people experiences from working inside the present.

Does anybody follow strictly inside the Maatian present, or is it generally labored as a double present alongside Horus? Are there any chaos magicians right here that make the most of the Maat present, and in that case to what extent? I come from background in GD/Aurum Solis, in addition to some indigenous shamanic traditions, and was questioning how this work will truthful alongside that sort of background. Additionally, is there a subreddit Maat Magick?

I intend on doing the practices to seek out this all out for myself, however I all the time take pleasure in listening to others’ experiences. Thanks!


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