Every day Chat for April 18, 2017


As all the time, be happy to publish about issues happening in your life proper now, any Wiccan subjects you need to convey up, or
one thing thrilling you’d wish to share with the /r/wicca group.


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3 thoughts on “Every day Chat for April 18, 2017”

  1. A couple days ago a person at work said they saw me walking the path of the Goddess. As a man living in the Bible Belt, I was super confused, as this person had never talked to me before and any mention of a Goddess would be out of character. Apparently there was a path he considered the “path of the Goddess” because of some graffiti on it. Only recently did I go back, but I feel like his words are carrying the Deity behind it, telling me that I’m on the right path with my life. 🙂

  2. I finally got around to attaching some moonstones to a pair of besom handles, which I’ve only been meaning to do for several months

  3. I’m kind of struggling in this moment to pay off debt, get in shape, and get remote work so I can pursue my passion. Any spells or things I could do to help things along?

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