I like Black Metallic (Ritual Music for Arriving At Depth)


Exhibit a) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYwCbMfpeqM

“to strangle the miscarriage of the I… solely to chew the chains that tie him to Assiah… and titan is their energy (TEITAN = 666)… the grasp and servant in unity… towards the blindness of males… that my sight be clear… priest and warrior… because the picture of my philius moists the labia of Shekinah… and the Satan is in my kiss… god of transformation… I am going to tempo the trail of insanity along with your banner held excessive to the dying’s head (“Demise is The Crown of ALL”) true… sure, I’m of my father the Satan and the lusts of my father I’ll do”

Exhibit b) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-R1qRmmPXY

“Wings of Devil, orb my coronary heart! It burns with love for you. And it’s prepared now, to obtain thee (an attraction to HGA)… The place mild of neither solar nor moon… Sundering the molecules that bind
This world along with me… (alchemical transformation from gross, physicality to the notion of Pure, Energetic Actuality)… The chains that sealed the hungry deeps had now been damaged… (an additional attraction to this summoning of the transpersonal self past self)…

[a declaration of the Rite accomplished]

Open now, abode of Devil’s powers!
The place the shells of evil burn
The very eyes of god,
And the womb of the world.
It’s from this wellspring of blazing dying
That mild is flowing, forceful…
Into the gleaming vessel of my Self.
And thus I’m stuffed
With the waters of Styx.
Kingus blood.
The Bane of god. (THERE IS NO GOD, turning into)

Sure I change into the serpents chalice
And the ability it bestows.
A knowledge that exceeds Demise.
Virtues that every one legal guidelines oppose.
Firmly upheld amidst the horns aflame.
Man and God, in fireplace one and similar.

I limn thy sensible efficiency in fireplace. [and the Rite is complete]”

Exhibit c) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o34uAj6lmXw

[a preliminary invokation to the four corners]

“With the energy of the mountains,
Come forth from the North; Agios Daimon!
With the starvation of oceans,
Come forth from the West; Agios Daimon!
As fireplace and flame,
Come forth from the South; Agios Daimon!
As thunder and storm,
Come forth from the East; Agios Daimon!

[a declaration of the frontier explored by: TO DARE]

Within the darkness,
Within the nothingness of absent mild,
The place no life power is permitted to exist.
From far past the borders,
The place god not dares,
The Serpent gloats in starvation. (which he’s, and shall attain identification with)


God of Demise. Manifest.
God of Doom. Transfer and seem!

[AND BECOME HIM to annihilation, come!]

behold now because it opens
To swallow the world
And to soften the very essence of creation.
The burning mouth of Samaƫl,
By way of which all shall be reborn.
Extensive agape (93) now on this ultimate hour.

[V.I.T.R.I.O.L., rising from hell, ascending to achieve The Newly Manifested Heaven, of which He, The Magician, IS and IS NOT]

And from its reeking darkness
A brand new kingdom shall ascend,
Erected on the pillars
Of the ever-burning underworld.

[declaring Infinity at The Centre of It All]

On the heart of the world!


Allow us to welcome the Bringer of the Finish
With open arms.
Allow us to adorn the gates to nothingness
With blood.
Allow us to lay its enemies
Like palm leaves upon the trail
On which the Lord is coming in glory.

[Me, which I am and am Not… COME!]

(the rhythmic incantation facilitates this actuality)

God of Demise. Manifest.
God of Doom. Transfer and seem!
God of Demise. Manifest.

Strike as soon as extra. (“strike exhausting & low”)”

[slay thou, utterly, “me”!]

Exhibit c) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGx9qkduIIs


“There’s a god in man
And in nature

He who sits at the hours of darkness
The bringer of sunshine

This magnificence
The signal of an open eye

Name Him. Name Him. Name Him.”



it is stated that whosoever participated in The Rites of Eleusis by no means feared dying. Why? they died within the flesh, and you may, too!!!

Conscious of the INFINITE physique of ALL that exists, and approaching identification therewith, one turns into inescapably conscious that THERE IS NO GOD, that one IS, by being NOT, and is… NOT-GOD… From No-thing-ness… IS!

and IS NOT


Continuity of Consciousness is reached, and Demise is The Everlasting Change-Transformation of The Magician.

Exhibit d) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MdW6T3VSBI

I Carry The Mild … THERE IS NO GOD


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Find out how to use the Qabalah


Lots of people are having bother with this, understandably, it is taken me a very long time to determine it out myself.

Principally, all this intellectualized data of rote memorization turns into nothing extra however a mental-masturbatory mental train of reminiscence UNLESS we start TO SEE all of those CONNECTIONS, flowing freely, one into the other- interchangeably.

So it have to be our effort, not merely to memorize a bunch of shit for the sake of memorizing shit, however TO SEE how every ENERGETIC REALITY flows freely one into the opposite, and to- As Magicians- FACILITATE CONNECTIONS between anybody factor and one other, UNDER WILL.

That is no easy matter, it requires a behemoth effort, as monstrous as THE WILL which carries it. It requires SIGHT. That’s, this stuff MUST BE SEEN as ENERGETIC REALITY, and YOU MUST SEE this stuff transfer, this manner and that.

Qabalah has gotten a nasty rap, understandably. I invite you all to think about approaching it from this view-point, versus merely intellectualizing it. FACILITATE THESE CONNECTIONS, from one image flowing freely into one other, SEE IT… and Qabalah will turn out to be a precious area for investigating The Accomplishment of The Nice Work, and Past! Till there is no such thing as a additional one can go. Unto No-thing-ness approaching No-thing-ness, and even additional ranges of No-thing-ness

Now, please get pleasure from this behemoth invokation of THE LIGHT, till IT RAINS UPON YOU AND DEVOURS YOU COMPLETELY, BECOMING!!!!! AND NOTHNG ELSE REMAINS!!!!: https://youtu.be/79AdgZrkAX8?t=4m5s

I Carry The Mild, THERE IS NO GOD



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I need assistance translating Asian textual content


I ve been studying older Asian textual content questioning in the event that they have been any similarities with the kabalion. I bear in mind final time I learn it it was my first time cerebrating my birthday alone. I obtained freaked out from the photographs therein and even now. So I can not translate the textual content myself trigger I ve been having web points. I can not actually inform if clergymen have good texts or unhealthy trigger some occasions I feel they’ve totally different misinterpretations. So I ve been on the lookout for a manner so as to add a stage round my church however they do not assume we want it. I might use it to translate historic texts trigger as you possibly can see I ve been doubting typical preaching. sorry about that by the way in which I would not need to offense any christian right here however I ve seen worse on Reddit and simply previous proper beside it. I do not see how there could possibly be any hurt in that.


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Why this subreddit disappoints me



Talking of 93, it looks as if 93% of the posts on listed here are about Tarot and stuff like that. Nothing mistaken with all that, I simply suppose nearly all of folks want extra concrete data and actual world examples of what Thelema has to supply them and the way their expertise of life on this planet might be improved by the system of information contained therein. I’ll say, from what I’ve learn of IAO131, he has a extremely stable grasp on the extra esoteric features of Thelema in addition to the stuff that’s extra all the way down to earth, so I might undoubtedly suggest studying any and the whole lot he has written. To me Thelema is definitely fairly easy, so easy in reality that it’s exhausting for our minds – which have been so conditioned into chaotic considering (ever heard the saying “order out of chaos”) by issues like tv and promoting and “them who search to enslave you” typically, to even realize it. I feel what it comes all the way down to is at anyone second you might be to a point doing all of your true will in life, the bottom line is to have the WILL POWER to purify your thoughts and physique and “discard all of these gross apparent hindrances” to your true will with the intention to be higher in tune with and aware of it and fulfill it extra extensively. Crowley wrote lots about this and gave a great deal of sensible recommendation that we are able to all implement in our day-to-day lives and change into higher Thelemites. Listed below are the 28 Theorems of Magick from E book Four for starters – https://airtight.com/crowley/book-Four/defs

93 93/93


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